About the Senior Software Engineer position:

Backed by leading venture firms and institutional asset managers, SwapGlobal is looking to add a senior software engineer to help build its platform. This role presents a unique opportunity for the right candidate to join early and work alongside ex-BlockFi executives in building a state-of-the-art electronic OTC derivatives desk. This role is a perfect fit for someone who is a self-starter and enjoys building in a collegial environment. Passion for software is required, as is some experience in a financial or fintech firm, and crypto is a plus. Experience with trading & markets or a deep desire to learn is necessary for long-term success.


  • Software engineer at SwapGlobal; must be comfortable building and learning from scratch
  • Work on fullstack development for an API-first electronic swap system
  • Ample room for career growth in exchange for demonstrated competency
  • Above all, curiosity to learn and overcome challenges as part of a trusting team
  • Will work in close coordination with one of the Co-Founders and the Lead Software Engineer


  • Adept at Python, with experience building REST APIs using either FastAPI or Flask, and understanding of websockets
  • 3+ years experience working with scaleable CRUD applications. Burning desire to integrate best practices into development, for example validation using pydantic and unit testing
  • 3+ years experience integrating API with auth pipeline such as auth0. Comfortable with infrastructure work, for example CI/CD pipeline incorporating Docker, AWS CodePipeline, and some AWS managed services such as Fargate and RDS
  • Familiarity with numerical computing such as pandas or numpy
  • Experience with Kafka or other messaging system is a plus
  • Understanding of security best practices, for example infrastructure IAM roles, Cloudflare DNS, authentication/authorization via JWT, application-level security via role-based access control
  • Understanding of Javascript and basic experience in at least one framework such as React or Svelte is a plus but not required